Leveling the Programmatic Playing Field: Data Transparency

Data Transparency sovrn.com

As the programmatic market stands, publishers have little to no insight into how their inventory is analyzed by advertisers. As a consequence, they are likely receiving lower prices for their inventory.  Without access to that data, publishers have limited ability to make their inventory more attractive to their buyers. Why is this a problem? This […]

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10 Things Successful Publishers Always Do

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So we recently gave you a peek at 6 things publishers should never do. Now, we’re going to dive into the good stuff. Do these! And if you have another “must-do” please share it with us! 1. Be consistent. You’ll hear this a lot in the world of online publishing. It is important to find a […]

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An Insider's Guide to Successful Content Publishing

Successful Publishing sovrn.com

Here are some of the things we look for when we’re advising prospective publishers on their monetization potential — as well as some of the best tips we hear from our pro publishers. Download the full report here. Social Media THIS:  Do use social media to promote your site. Social is not perfect, so just dive […]

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