Why Facebook’s ‘Boost Post’ is a Complete Waste of Money

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For publishers just starting out with Facebook Ads, Boost Post is an enticing option – it’s quick, cheap and simple. All you have to do is click “Boost Post” and pay a minimum of $5.00. However, Boost Post is an ineffective way to advertise your page. With Boost Post, you’re unable to: Target a specific […]

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#asksovrn: Why Do Header Bidding Solutions Earn More Than Waterfalls?

For this #asksovrn, we explain how publishers can make more money with header bidding than with a traditional waterfall. This video covers: how a traditional waterfall works An breakdown of how header bidding allows exchanges to compete laterally, while in waterfalls exchanges compete sequentially The optimal number of header bidding partners we recommend To get started with […]

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What is Header Bidding?


The question on everyone’s lips this year is “what is header bidding?” Header bidding is a huge advance for programmatic advertising. In this brief, we’ll go through how it works, what it means for publishers, and what to look out for, so you can decide if header bidding is for you. What is header bidding? […]

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Just Say No to Pop-Under Redirects

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We’ve all experienced them… you are scrolling through the home feed of a website when you find a post that interests you, so you click on the link to read more. Immediately another tab opens in your browser and you’ve been unwillingly directed to another site – one you never intended to visit. These troublesome […]

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How to Install Mobile Ads on WordPress Sites


Ever wondered how to install mobile ads on WordPress? Look no further. Here’s how to start making money from mobile advertising on your WordPress site. How to Install Mobile Ad Code Using a Plugin 1. Login to your WordPress dashboard and click “Plugins”. 2. Search “Insert Post Ads Plugin” and download. 3. Click on Post Adverts » Add […]

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How to Find and Report Bad Ads


At Sovrn we strive to provide clean, high-quality ads to our publishers. However, occasionally bad ads do slip through and have to be removed. If you encounter an unwanted ad on your website, report it to your account manager by taking a screenshot of the ad code and creative. Here’s how to do so: Hover your mouse […]

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