Sovrn Playlists

sovrn playlists

Keep inspired and humming all day with our handpicked mixes. Come back each month for new playlists created by the Sovrn team. Thank God the Election’s Over ’80s Pop Playlist Autumn Acoustic Campfire Playlist Pool Party Songs of Summer Sovrn’s UK Adventure Turn Tunes Creativity Boost Independent and Influential […]

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How to Install Sovrn Ad Tags on a WordPress Site

install ad tags on wordpress

Follow these steps to properly install your Sovrn ad tags on your WordPress website. Please note that if the code is not installed correctly, the ads will not appear. Let’s get started! 1. Navigate to Widget Locate the Widgets tab in your dashboard on the left. 2. Locate the Text widget After locating the Text […]

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Infographic: Is Your Site Ready for Header Bidding?

header bidding infographic

When header bidding was new to the advertising scene one short year ago, the new innovation was really only accessible to a select group of websites. Header bidding integrations required custom development, and therefore only sites who had their own technical resources – or the cash to outsource development – could move forward with header […]

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#asksovrn: What is Dynamic Allocation?

dynamic allocation #asksovrn

We receive a lot of questions about dynamic allocation, so wanted to definite it and explain how to set it up. Without further ado… Dynamic allocation is a feature available in DoubleClick for Publishers designed to maximize the monetization of DFP inventory. It does this by enabling Google Ad Exchange to compete for impressions on […]

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Sovrn on Top of Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index

Trust and transparency are fundamental to healthy marketplace. BOULDER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SovrnⓇ, advocate and partner to independent publishers, who represent more than 80,000 websites, has risen to the top of the Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index in the US for August 2016. The Global Seller Trust Index is an independent quality ranking for digital advertising. “Trust […]

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