Sovrn Featured As One Of The Most Trusted Sellers In Pixalate’s 2017 Report

  Which programmatic sellers were the most trustworthy in 2017? Pixalate’s Seller Trust Indexes bring transparency to the programmatic industry by ranking the overall quality of programmatic sellers across devices and channels. The report shows Sovrn as: The 2nd most trusted seller (for desktop and mobile) in the US The 6th most trusted seller (for […]

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My Website Was Cloned! What Should I Do?

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Recently, Sovrn discovered that a website owned and operated by one of our publishers had been cloned. The cloned site exactly mirrored the legitimate site’s layout and design, but it had porn-related links, images, and content. To our knowledge, nothing like this had previously happened to a publisher in our network, so we took quick […]

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Sovrn featured in Global Digital Advertising Platforms Market Size, Status And Forecast 2023

  The comprehensive report on global market offers in-depth visions into the key drivers and restraints, promising trends, emerging opportunities, recent technological advancements, and competitive landscape in major regions. The research provides a detailed assessment of recent cutting-edge technologies in the IT industry and the factors influencing the applications of the global market. It estimates […]

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Digital Advertising Platforms Market Dynamics, Comprehensive Analysis, Growth,Trends Prospects and Opportunities 2026

  The report, titled Digital Advertising Platforms Market presents an in-depth study of the market. Providing a brief history about the market, the report analyses the entire value chain of the market and points out the key drivers and restraints affecting the growth of the market during the forecast period. The report also analyses the […]

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Global Digital Advertising Platforms Market Trends, Research, Analysis and Projections for 2018-2022

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  The report titled, “Global Digital Advertising Platforms Market Report 2018,” has been recently added by IT Intelligence Reports to its far-reaching repository in order to detail the key areas of the industry in a comprehensive manner. During their study of the market, the authors of the report had concluded that there could be numerous […]

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