4 Q4 revenue tips that make the best of your existing ad strategy

4 Q4 revenue tips Sovrn make the most of your existing ad strategy

While Q4 is the perfect time of year to add some serious money-making power to your website, let’s say you already have //Signal and //Commerce up and running. Or maybe you’re trying to avoid adding new products, and just want to maximize your ad revenue during the holiday shopping season. If you’re looking to dial […]

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Want Supply Path Optimization? Choose Sovrn.

Sovrn is a leader in providing advertisers with direct paths to publishers at scale This week, Jounce Media released their SPO Fact Pack. Jounce crawled more than 100,000 ads.txt files and 150 sellers.json files to get a better understanding of the size and directness of widely-deployed advertising exchanges. The goal of the report  is to […]

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WTF is //Signal engagement?

wtf is //Signal engagement ad viewability sovrn

Engagement is at the heart of editorial, advertising, and marketing strategy. Engagement drives revenue, and smart publishers know that increasing engagement is the best way to boost your audience—and your earnings. We’ve talked to a lot of publishers over the last year, and it’s clear that although engagement and increasing engagement are often at the […]

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