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Attention is scarce. That makes it valuable.

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // January 16, 2020

Across the world, nearly 4.5 billion people access the internet—that’s 58% of the global population. In all, there are nearly 200 million active websites, all competing for their share of the 6+ hours of daily attention most users give to the World Wide Web. 

The internet changed everything about the way we create and consume information. It changed the world. It didn’t change the number of hours in a day. Attention, as you can gather, is scarce. And that makes it valuable. The stories and content that capture attention are by definition the most valuable; be it to advertisers, merchants, or of course content creators. 

More and more publishers have turned to ad reloading as a way to capitalize on that attention—but not all of the available solutions are created equal. Most auto-refreshing ad products are still poorly-designed blunt instruments: they operate on a time-based refresh that doesn’t consider ad viewability or user engagement. They focus purely on short-term benefits without considering long-term health, and are built around boosting impression volume alone. In many cases, this leads to reduced CPMs. Not only that, these blind or background refresh tools hurt ad viewability, which can make existing inventory less attractive to buyers.

Signal is a different way to approach ad reloading. It measures that attention—and furthermore, it measures the viewability of that attention. It delivers remarkable value to advertisers by making sure they only place their ads in the most viewable and most engaged environments, and it delivers remarkable value to publishers by helping them get paid fairly for the value they’ve created. The results speak for themselves: on average, publishers earn 20% more revenue when they start using Signal.

That’s a number everyone can feel good about: advertisers know that they’re reaching attentive, engaged audiences. Publishers know that they’re getting compensated for the value they create. And readers continue to enjoy free access to the greatest trove of information the world has ever seen.

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