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Boost earnings with a diversified ad revenue strategy

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // December 11, 2019

In this installment of our “making more with what you have” series, we’ll go over a few ways you can boost ad revenue with a diversified ad revenue strategy. In the past, we’v covered both simple optimization tips and specific strategies for both Signal and Commerce. This time, we’ll go over a range of strategies that will benefit both small and large publishers alike.

Create a diversified ad revenue strategy with non-banner ad products

You don’t have to be a large publisher to explore new revenue streams. One of the simplest ways to do this is to use non-banner ad products to increase revenue. As more readers download ad blockers and try to get away from traditional banner ads, you can make money without them.

A great example of this is Commerce, our free link monetization product. Because Commerce links are native to your content, you’re able to monetize without disrupting reader experience and increasing latency—and you don’t lose revenue to ad blockers. And because we have a network of over 70,000 merchants, as well as robust CPA and CPC deals, you can maintain earnings without compromising your hard-earned reader trust.

Another option is to use our data services to increase your monthly revenue. As privacy regulations become more prevalent in both the US and across the globe, a smart data strategy can offer a strong foundation for your future monetization plans.

Implement a Consent Management Platform

Privacy has been in the headlines quite a bit recently. But reader consent matters for more than just compliance reasons—it’s also valuable. Since regulations like GDPR, many demand partners are erring on the side of caution by sending no-data requests to users who aren’t consenting. By implementing the CMP and forcing most (or all) of your readers to consent to requests based on user data, you can garner higher CPMs based on the value of that consented traffic.

Increase viewability with mobile sticky footers/headers 

Viewability matters to demand partners—a lot (that’s why Signal is such a valuable tool). Sticky ads guarantee that any impressions served in those units will be viewable, which ensures that your CPMs don’t weaken over time.

Sticky units can be incredibly valuable, so don’t neglect your mobile layout, either. After all, there’s a good chance you’re reading this on a mobile device right now. Don’t ignore that traffic.

Use Signal to reload ad units with high viewability and engagement

On that note, when you’ve gone to the trouble to maximize viewability, it’s a good idea to maximize the revenue you’ll earn as a result. Since highly-viewable and highly-engaged ads are the most valuable on your page, it makes sense to get the most out of those ads by adding a Signal reload feature. Because these ads are only reloaded when they’re viewable, your CPMs stay strong over time, and can even improve your viewability scores with demand partners.

Ultimately, there are countless ways to diversify your ad revenue streams without the need for massive engineering projects. The best way to get started is to take the leap and get started, and see what works best for you.

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