How to Optimize Signal for More Revenue

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // November 26, 2019

In the midst of seasonal increases in advertising budgets, it’s important that publishers put themselves in the best position possible to maximize revenue. When you take the time to optimize Signal, you ensure that you’re set up to get the most value out of seasonal ad spend.

Remember that Signal revenue is additive! Everything you earn is on top of your current setup. There are lots of ways that publishers have used Signal to maximize their ad revenue, so we’ve collected 6 tried and trusted tips for you to implement:

  • Implement sticky ads on desktop that scroll with your content. These ads are always in-view, and as a result they see more reloads than static ad units.
  • Let Signal optimize itself by allowing all ad slots the opportunity to reload. You may be surprised exactly which are the most effective! Then, you’ll be able to take that new insight to the rest of your setup.
  • Implement mobile sticky footer. When the majority of users access your content through mobile devices, a sticky ad at the bottom of the screen is a big revenue earner. Sticky ads are some of the most valuable ads you can place.
  • Repurpose your engaging content. You’ll know the content that your users have loved most—repurpose it with a different message. That way, you can double down on your user engagement (and content strategy) and get more revenue out of Signal.
    • In addition, make sure that existing ad units on high traffic pages are set up for success. Place them above the fold, near interesting content.
  • Use Signal for your higher-billing direct campaigns. When you combine engagement and viewability, you get happy advertisers and returning ad spend.
    • Additionally, Signal can help increase direct deal inventory during over-sold, high-traffic times of year—like the holidays.
  • Use Sync skies as a passback to rich media skin and page takeover partners. Sovrn Sync skies clear up unfilled slots, offering significant additional volume and revenue. 

If you’re interested in getting a better understanding your existing Signal performance, reach out to your account manager. Regardless, now is the time to make sure your setup is operating in peak condition for the rest of the calendar year!

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