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Capitalize on Audience Attention the Easy Way — with Sovrn Signal

Sovrn Advertising Team // June 22, 2022

As a publisher, you understand the value of an engaged audience. Highly engaged readers are more likely to return to your site, more likely to click an ad or affiliate link, and more likely to make a purchase.

Yet today’s ad marketplace isn’t set up to reward user attention. As a result, publishers often miss out on potential ad revenue because they struggle to identify, target, and broadcast valuable audience segments to ad buyers.

That’s why Sovrn developed Signal, an easy-to-use data tool that lets you convert your engaged audience into ad revenue. Unlike other ad measurement products, Signal is designed to be simple, lightweight, and frictionless. In fact, we’re confident it’s the easiest solution on the market today.

Here are seven reasons why:

1. Install and manage with a single line of code

Setting up Signal couldn’t be easier. Even without on-site dev support, it can be completed in a matter of minutes. We offer a variety of implementation options, including a single line of code that can be installed with no technical assistance.* You can customize Signal settings and manage controls with that same simple code to deliver exactly the ad experience you want. Once Signal is installed, it’s easy to activate additional features and functionality at any time, without additional code changes.

*For optimal performance, we recommend hard coding the Signal HTML tag on each relevant page

2. True “plug and play” capabilities

Other ad measurement tools require technology to be inserted at the ad level in order to provide any meaningful insights, requiring you to implement additional code every time new ad creative is displayed. With Signal, a single, page-level installation is all you need to start collecting data, eliminating the ongoing set up time your ad operations team experiences with other suppliers. Viewability and engagement insights will start feeding into your Analytics dashboard immediately and Signal will continue collecting data regardless of on-page updates.

3. Robust functionality in a lightweight package

While Signal’s code is simple, its features and functionality are robust, providing the ability to:

  • Analyze ad performance and understand how buyers judge your inventory so you can adapt your revenue strategy.
  • Benchmark ad performance against your peers or the market as a whole, using metrics like viewability, engaged time, CTR, and CPM.
  • Increase ad revenue by generating incremental impressions using sophisticated ad reload technology. (See #5 below for details.)
  • Identify your most valuable ad space based on engagement metrics, so you can target, price, and package your inventory for ad buyers.

4. Easy integration with GAM

Google Ad Manager is a vital tool for publishers, which is why we built Signal to integrate seamlessly. You can even choose to give the Sovrn team API access to your GAM account, which allows us to control your GAM integrations and manage your settings for easier reporting on Signal performance.

5. No latency on reloads

Publishers are (rightfully) hesitant to adopt any technology that adds more code to a page due to the risk of slowing down load times and losing reader attention. Signal was purpose-built to address those concerns and optimize ad reloads with no additional latency. Here’s how:

  • The Signal code is ultra-compressed, so it takes no time to load.
  • It’s delivered through the ultra-fast AWS CloudFront infrastructure.
  • It uses asynchronous tag loading, which means the page continues to parse content while the Signal tag loads.
  • It makes calls to its metrics collector only when the user is not actively engaged with the page, to prevent slowdowns during user sessions.
  • It requires only a single pixel to target every ad placement on the page, rather than cumbersome zone-specific technology that can overwhelm browsers.

6. Simple pricing structure

All of Signal’s capabilities are available for one straightforward, CPM-based price. You can use as much or as little of its functionality as you need, and there’s no additional cost to activate additional features as your business matures.

7. A publisher-focused product roadmap

Our Signal technology offers a wealth of benefits for publishers, but there’s more to come. As we continue to innovate and add new features, we’re committed to removing complexity and making things as easy as possible by adding automation and streamlining both setup and oversight requirements.

Get started today!

The Signal solution gives you a simple, scalable way to measure user attention, analyze ad performance, and access deep insights to maximize the value of your ad inventory. To learn more, visit the Signal page on our website or send an email to Our team will be happy to demonstrate how Signal can work for you. 

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