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Walter Knapp // October 15, 2018

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Today we raised a significant new round of capital.  In a tough market environment for media companies, the question one would ask is: Why? Below is our answer.

Sovrn helps people who want to share their ideas, their creativity, and their voices. We help them do more of what they love, and less of what they don’t.

Recently, I read the book: The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make us Human. It has a wonderful paragraph that captures the essence and importance of Storytelling.

“Story … continues to fulfill its ancient function of binding society by reinforcing a set of common values and strengthening the ties of common culture. Story enculturates the youth. It defines the people. It tells us what is laudable and what is contemptible. It subtly and constantly encourages us to be decent instead of decadent. Story is the grease and glue of society: by encouraging us to behave well, story reduces social friction while uniting people around common values. … Story — sacred and profane — is perhaps the main cohering force in human life. A society is composed of fractious people with different personalities, goals, and agendas. What connects us beyond our kinship ties? Story. … Story is the counterforce to social disorder, the tendency of things to fall apart. Story is the center without which the rest cannot hold.”

Every day at Sovrn we get to work in a fascinating, influential, fast-paced, (and sometimes crazy) market that sits squarely at the intersection of Technology and Human Behavior.

A Platform of Products & Services for Publishers.
We launched Sovrn in January 2014 with the mission to help Publishers do more of what they love and less of what they don’t. These creators are building, growing, and operating important businesses that require a constant flow of engaging content, along with smart distribution and promotion of that content.

We’ve committed ourselves to understanding our customers’ ambitions, challenges, and goals.  We listen intently and seek to help solve their problems. We constantly push ourselves to uncover new opportunities – for them.  

So much good work has been done in the product and tools space for content creators. However, what has been lacking is a Platform of Infrastructure & Data to tie those point-solution products together into a cohesive whole.  Sovrn has that Platform – and – we’ve proven the ability to identify, acquire, and merge multiple products and services onto a single Platform. The investment we’ve secured today is to continue that work.

Sovrn works with Thousands of Publishers that represent Tens-of-thousands of unique sites and reach Hundreds-of-millions of consumersThe Publishers’ content across our network influences and nurtures the interests and behaviors of nearly a billion people.

We offer our Publisher customers:

  • A comprehensive set of advertising products
  • Flexible, easy-to-use tag management system to deploy & manage multiple products
  • Unified reporting and comparative analytics
  • Reader-data consent management tools
  • Adblock detection & mitigation products
  • Professional services
  • Financial Services

We’ve researched and cataloged each of the primary functions required to build, grow, and operate a content business. With this investment we continue our ambitious Product and Platform work – and – we plan to acquire additional products that solve important problems for our Publisher customers.

Sovrn is committed to content creators and Publishers that passionately engage consumers with the entertainment and information those consumers crave.  We know that marketers and advertisers must both understand these consumers and then reach these consumers when they are most interested, influenced, and engaged.  We will continue connecting Brands and Advertisers to the Publishers that matter most in order to reach the consumers that matter most.

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