3 Mobile Advertising Plugins to Help You Seamlessly Install Mobile Ads

sovrnmarketing // May 3, 2016

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“Instead of having mobile ads down in oblivion, it’s important to have ads appear in content.” – Kyle Ivins, The Blogger Network

Mobile advertising spend is well on its way to surpass 100 billion in 2016. As readers continue to consume more and more content on mobile, publishers are rushing to install mobile advertising.

The problem? Many WordPress themes, even responsive ones, push all the ads to the bottom of the screen. This crushes viewability, allowing very few readers to even see the ad. Luckily, this problem can be remedied with the help of several WordPress plugins. Here are three mobile advertising plugins that will allow you to easily install mobile ads on your site.

1. Pojo Device

A good choice if: your site is already responsive.

Pojo is an easy-to-use plugin that allows you to install desktop, tablet or mobile ads. Using Pojo, you can simply paste size-specific ad code into the widget.

Access the Pojo Device Plugin here.

2. Advanced Ads

A good choice if: you’re fairly experienced with WordPress and tag implementation.
If you’re looking for a more robust plugin, Advanced Ads is an excellent choice. Advanced Ads is an ad insertion plugin that offers tons of features and settings for displaying ads on your WordPress site. However, it may be better suited for publishers with an intermediate level of display advertising.

Access Advanced Ads here.

3. Jetpack Mobile Theme

A good choice if: your site is not yet responsive.

If your WordPress site is not yet responsive, a good first step is installing a plugin like Jetpack Mobile theme. While the mobile-specific theme is basic, it does offer some color customization.

“The [Jetpack] Mobile Theme displays your content in a clean, uncluttered interface for phones, making it easy for visitors to access your newest content on the go.”

Once your site is mobile responsive, then your mobile ads will have much better viewability – a win win both for publishers and advertisers.

Access Jetpack here.

Which mobile advertising plugins do you like best?

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