Publisher Spotlight: Incredible Infant

baby with long hat Heather Taylor began blogging in 2007. Her newest site,, launched in June 2013. A mother of 3 and passionate about all things parenting – especially help, information, and humor for new parents, Heather’s goals for Incredible Infant are to: Provide factual, well-researched information about a particular topic that new parents care about. Sprinkle […]

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Why Fewer Ads Will Benefit Our Entire Industry

Ad Tech Industry

Originally published by MediaPost on April 10, 2014. The most potent opportunity of digital marketing is the ability to access and leverage data about nearly everything.  Data-driven or “programmatic” marketing isn’t just about RTB, exchanges, DSPs, or trading desks – those are means, not results.  It’s about the ability for marketers to understand and make […]

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The Rise of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising

With the media industry so hungry for revenue, gimmicky practices often launch industry buzzwords that achieve a rare moment of glory before quickly fizzling out. However, with the consistently championed programmatic advertising, there seems to be real substance behind the hype. With study after study showing rapid gains in programmatic spending and with projections over […]

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