Taking Back Control: Drive More Revenue Through Deep Audience Engagement

New Sovrn ebook helps publishers leverage deep, proprietary insights about their readers, broadcast the value of their audiences to advertisers, and drive more revenue. […]

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Secrets of Second-Party Data and How to Activate it at Scale

Free webinar exploring how publishers can reap greater inventory value and better communicate the quality of their unauthenticated traffic to the buyer via data enrichment. […]

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Google Won’t Build a Cookie Replacement: FAQ for Publishers

Google announced on March 3rd that they will not support “alternate identifiers” (such as a third-party cookie) that track readers, nor use them in their own products, but will continue supporting industry Privacy Sandbox solutions. While this announcement generated plenty of media coverage, it shouldn’t come as news to anyone who’s been following the topic […]

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The balance shifts: how first-party data empowers publishers

how first party data empowers publishers sovrn

Whatever blend of fear and confusion you feel while reading headlines about the upcoming “cookiepocalypse” is understandable: web advertising is currently built on third-party cookies, after all. But take heart: above all, this is an opportunity. Publishers will soon find themselves with far more power post-3PC than they have now. Advertisers will become even more […]

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Harnessing First-Party Data: Lessons for Publishers

Sovrn Harness the Power of First Party Data

Unlike third-party cookies, first-party data (information that consumers have directly given a publisher on a single domain) can help tell a more complete story about who your readers are: their interests, their behaviors, and why they are visiting your website. Common ways for publishers to get first-party data include subscription sign-ups and/or registrations (name, email, […]

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What is the Chrome SameSite update?

There’s been a lot of buzz on the internet recently surrounding Google’s upcoming SameSite update (also known as Chrome 80) to their Chrome browser. Now that Google has also announced they’ll eventually kill the third-party cookie entirely (which won’t happen until two years from now), the two issues have quickly become conflated in online conversation. […]

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Digital Privacy is Good for Advertisers

Sovrn Digital Privacy is Good

On May 7, Google announced new privacy features for Chrome. These changes were not unexpected. Ever since Safari began blocking third-party cookies by default in late 2017, industry pundits have predicted this move—and with it, doom and gloom for advertisers leveraging programmatic technologies. We don’t subscribe to this point of view. In fact, we see […]

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