Is Your Site Ready for Header Bidding?

Is your site ready for header bidding?

Header bidding provides publishers with more control and transparency into the value of their inventory. Many publishers are excited about the boost in yield that header auctions provide, but this advanced tech is not suited for everyone. The implementation process can be complex and each publisher’s setup is a little different than the next. So, […]

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5 Key Benefits of Display Advertising for Bloggers

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According to a recent survey of publishers from Sovrn, TapInfluence and Viglink, 72% percent of professional publishers named display advertising as their top tactic for blog monetization. Why? Let’s find out. Here are the five key benefits of display advertising as a source of income for bloggers and publishers. 1. A source of passive revenue “Passive revenue” […]

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Sovrn Traffic: The Analytics Platform More CPM-Savvy Than Google Analytics

Sovrn Traffic: The CPM-savvy Analytics Suite

Call us ambitious, but Sovrn Traffic, our new traffic analytics suite, is in many ways more robust than Google Analytics for incoming ad traffic. This is because Sovrn Traffic helps you understand your traffic not just by volume, but by value. Our analytics dive into exactly how much your traffic is worth to you in terms of […]

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Back to the Basics: Building a Content Strategy Around Targeted Keywords


SEO is a demanding game that publishers have to play in order for their site to gain any sort of relevant traction.  For those that don’t know, SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and it is crucial to attracting new visitors to your site. All search engines have an algorithm that determines the relevance of […]

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