I may not be Frank Underwood, Jed Bartlett, Rob Stark or Rust Cohle, but I do know some pretty cool publishers.


I’ve been binge watching a lot lately. House of Cards. The West Wing. Game of Thrones. True Detective. All the dramatic masterpieces of my generation. Consequently, I’ve been feeling a little underdeveloped. I spend my days working in an office (granted, a really cool office with and open floor setting and a Big Ass ceiling […]

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Sovrn and Networked Insights Ink Partnership

BOULDER, Colo. and CHICAGO – June 26, 2014 – Sovrn Holdings, Inc., advocate of and partner to almost 20,000 publishers across the independent web, and Networked Insights, an industry-leading provider of real-time consumer social data, are today announcing a mutually beneficial partnership to effectively and efficiently segment online audiences around hundreds of consumer interests, behaviors, and preferences. […]

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Sovrn Audience Analytics Beacon

Sovrn Audience Analytics Beacon sovrn.com

While we really do love helping you increase your revenue with Sovrn’s different website monetization solutions, we also want to help you better understand your audience. Publishers want (and need) to have validation of their site metrics from an independent third party like Sovrn. Our publishers often ask us why Sovrn analytics reports do not more closely […]

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Off-Ramping Bad Traffic to Get to the Good Traffic

Off-Ramping Bad Traffic to Get to the Good Traffic sovrn.com

Originally published on ClickZ on May 16, 2014. In order to get more “good” high-quality traffic, you must “off-ramp” the bad traffic. Here are four ways to do that. Defining “good” traffic should be pretty obvious – and of course publishers want the traffic they generate to be legitimate, just as marketers want to purchase legitimate […]

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The Programmatic Problem: What's an Audience Without a Show?

The Programmatic Problem sovrn.com

Originally published on Digiday on May 27, 2014. John Battelle is executive chairman of Sovrn Holdings, a programmatic advertising and publishing platform. He’s the founder of Federated Media. Before the rise of programmatic buying and “audience retargeting,” most quality brand media was purchased based on a very particular contextual signal –- even if the market didn’t […]

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Ad Tech and Fraud: Lessons from Email Spam

Ad Tech and Fraud sovrn.com

Originally published on AdExchanger on June 17th, 2014 The challenge of combatting online ad fraud has received intense publicity in recent months. The digital advertising industry, in conjunction with the IAB, has several initiatives and committees dedicated to fighting ad fraud from within. Yet as numerous articles have made clear, industry participants are not winning the […]

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Is Your Blog an Uncharted Isle or a Destination Location? A Publisher’s Roadmap

Publishers Roadmap sovrn.com

Originally published on ClickZ on June 13th, 2014 Just like planning a vacation, blogging is hard work. If you don’t put any energy into how to find your blog, you’re invisible. But if you pay attention to how people are finding you and engaging with you, the end result can be paradise. Summer is almost […]

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