Introducing the Billboard, Sovrn’s Latest Ad Size

We’ve added a new ad size to our arsenal – the Billboard! We have two Billboard ad unit,s the 970×250 and the 970×90. Given their large size, Billboards are an ideal canvas for rich creatives such as video. Here are some of the major benefits of using the Billboard ad size: 1. The Billboard ad size spans the […]

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The Definitive Guide to Header Bidding

feet on stairs

Header bidding is revolutionizing the digital advertising world, and for good reason – it works. Not only does header bidding increase ad revenue significantly, it also requires less ongoing maintenance, facilitates more accurate reporting and results in fewer discrepancies. Header bidding is unique because it allows publishers receive bids from every partner simultaneously so the […]

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Webinar: 5X Growth w/ Paid Social Media

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Expand your reach, amplify your message and increase your ROI with paid social media strategies. As organic social decreases in visibility, publishers are diving deeper into paid social to build traffic. Learn from our in-house paid social expert, Kenzie Rodriguez and paid social consultant, Alexandra Legrant, as they teach strategies to build your presence, track […]

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Mobile Video Viewing Builds Force in 2016

Mobile Video Ads

Mobile video views are predicted to skyrocket this year. In 2015, 20% of video views happened on mobile devices. Now in 2016, up to 50% of video views are estimated on mobile devices. Why are advertisers so hot on video ads? The average click-through-rate (CTR) of video ads is 1.84 percent, the highest CTR of all […]

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Why Sovrn and AdSense Make a Killer Combination

Google AdSense Alternatives

Looking for an alternative to Google AdSense? Google Adsense is a lucrative tool for publishers who want to monetize their website with display advertising. But the most powerful way to use Google Adsense is to use it along with other ad partners in what’s called an “ad stack” or a waterfall. We also work with […]

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