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AdsNative CEO: Never Sacrifice Your Ad Stack or User Experience

sovrnmarketing // September 1, 2015

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We have put together a blog series leading up to our I² event in September that is tailored to capture thought-provoking ideas and commentary from visionaries, publishing leaders, independents, evangelists and the like. Everyday we have the pleasure of engaging with experts and innovators blazing their own path in the industry and we thought this would be the ideal time to open up and share these discussions.

To start, we are asking our I² event sponsors, speakers, attendees and industry leaders questions about the future of indie publishing. We hope you enjoy the series.

Following up our two posts last week, today we have a Q&A with Satish Polisetti, CEO of AdsNative.

What’s your advice to independent publishers who want to better monetize their passion of publishing?

It’s important to prioritize quality as well as quantity when choosing your placements and platforms. Don’t sacrifice user experience by choosing cluttered, intrusive ad formats. Users love publisher content and there are ways to drive big revenue without a ton of ads on the page.

What’s broken in publishing today?

Publishers are missing a healthy balance of content and ads on the page. Ad-blocking software continues to rise in popularity as consumers are clearly frustrated. Publishers struggle with inconsistent revenue streams and convoluted AdOps processes. The real culprit is content management systems and ad servers that lack flexibility, leaving publishers and users both unhappy with the options in front of them.

How do you see people consuming and sharing content in the future?

It is likely that content consumption patterns will continue to evolve and fragment as new devices and distribution channels emerge. We believe that building platforms and software solutions that are open and flexible to what comes next will allow publishers, advertisers, and consumers to continue creating beautiful and profitable content experiences.

What does the independent web mean to you?

The independent web is constantly challenging and surprising the status quo. It is the voice of disruption, innovation and creativity across the industry.

Want to learn more about emerging trends and strategies for publishers? Join us at i² this September 9th in San Francisco for talks on ad blocking, mobile discovery, content strategy lessons from TEDTalks, attribution, programmatic and more. The event is free for publishers!

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