Walter Knapp

Walter Knapp is the ​C​hief ​E​xecutive of sovrn Holdings. With more than 20 years of business and operations management, Walter ​leads a dedicated team in Boulder, CO working to help publishers grow their influence.


Stepping Up to the Plate on Trust and Transparency


It’s time for the industry to get serious about independent anti-fraud certification. The business of marketing and its sibling advertising have been central to business growth and success for as long as we’ve been a consumer-driven economy; which is to say a really long time. The Takeaway Why have so few supply-side participants completed 3rd […]

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Wading into the Blocked Web

Tools & Tech

If you think this is just about Ad Blocking, you’re missing the point Through time, and across cultures, stories are the glue that inspires, informs, and entertains. Storytellers capture our attention and compel our engagement. They aid in our decision making and they influence our perspective of the world. Every so often we’ve invented ways […]

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Walter Knapp

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