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Start Measuring Viewability: Free Viewability Tracker

sovrnmarketing // December 8, 2016


They say the only true path to improvement is through constant measurement. We created a viewability measurement tool to help publishers understand how improvements in viewability can lead to improvement in CPM and overall site revenue.

To better understand viewability, view our blog post that outlines the following major themes in viewability strategy:

“An ad is viewable if at least 50% of ad pixels are in view for greater than one second.” – IAB Standard

Common misconceptions about viewability such as
  • Page layout being the only factor to viewability
  • Pixels only need to be seen to be considered viewable

The 5 factors of viewability
  • Fraud
  • Latency
  • Ad size, layout and attributes
  • Page layout
  • Mobile and video

How to improve viewability on your site (hint: this is where the tracker comes in)
  • Measure and benchmark
  • Plan your approach

This tracker will help you to measure viewability on your site and understand where you can improve with respect to viewability. This viewability tracker will walk you through some of the key points relating to viewability measurement and improvement, as well as show you how to use the tracker. We encourage you to download the tracker and save a copy for yourself so you can start measuring viewability.

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