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Myth-Busting: Sovrn Only Focuses on Publishers

sovrnmarketing // February 20, 2019

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True or False: Sovrn is different from other advertising exchanges. They only focus on independent publishers. Advertisers are less important.

Well, that’s partially true. Sovrn is different, and we pride ourselves on this. While other sell-side platforms focus on getting pieces of the advertising businesses of large media companies, Sovrn is much more focused on enabling the businesses of smaller, interest-based publishers.

But this doesn’t mean we neglect our advertising partners and exchange. In fact, it’s precisely the opposite. Because our business model is hyper-focused on enabling small, independent businesses, it’s more important than ever that we run the cleanest and safest exchange possible for advertisers.

Major media companies have the option of working with multiple sell-side partners. If one fails them, they can move on to another with barely a blip in their bottom line. Smaller, interest-based publishers often don’t have that luxury. For many of these independent media businesses, Sovrn is their lifeline. If we fail them, we put businesses and livelihoods at risk.

When you combine this with our need to make sure advertisers are safe wading deeper into the ocean of the web, it’s no wonder that we’ve long been industry leaders in protecting advertisers return on ad spend. We’re one of only five companies to achieve TAG Platinum status for certification against fraud, malware, piracy, and inventory quality.

If we don’t protect the quality of our exchange, advertisers walk away, and the publisher businesses we enable will no longer thrive. The fact that we focus on smaller, interest-based publishers does indeed make us different, and it’s precisely why we strive to be the cleanest, safest, and highest performing exchange out there.

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