7 Lucky Mobile Advertising Trends

We’ve heard it over and over that mobile is exploding, mobile is booming, mobile is the next big thing. Well, it’s true, and it’s here. In the world of internet advertising, mobile has found its way to the top of the conversation. They say 7 is a lucky number, so this post will outline 7 […]

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When Ad Blocking and Header Bidding Converge, We All Win

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A long time ago, I spent some time editing a small newspaper. I remember it like a scene from a movie; late nights at the printers with layout sheets, cutting and pasting blocks of text to fit the page, adding pictures, headlines, ads. Each of these assets was gathered in advance and ready to be […]

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Just Say No to Pop-Under Redirects

pop-under-redirects sovrn.com

We’ve all experienced them… you are scrolling through the home feed of a website when you find a post that interests you, so you click on the link to read more. Immediately another tab opens in your browser and you’ve been unwillingly directed to another site – one you never intended to visit. These troublesome […]

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The Number One Ad Blocking Mistake Publishers Are Making

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Ad blocking is fast becoming a bigger problem than ever for publishers, and it’s not going anywhere soon. In 2014 the number of ad blocking users grew by a whopping 42%. For publishers large and small, ad revenue has taken a huge hit. PageFair estimates the loss of 2015 global revenue due to ad blocking […]

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Tackling Ad Blocking: From The Publisher’s Perspective

tackling ad blocking

Ad blocking is big news. If you’re still unaware of the size of the issue, check out our blog post 6 Astounding Facts About Ad Blocking. According to research, publishers will lose over $21.8B in revenue to ad blocking in 2015 and that’s expected to increase to $41.4B next year. That’s a large chunk of change […]

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6 Astounding Facts About Ad Blocking


When AdBlock Plus, an open source software allowing web users to browse the internet ad-free, was first released in 2007, it ignited a heated, global debate about the rights of online publishers. Some brushed off the emergence of these tools, others went as far as to proclaim ad blocking as tantamount to theft. With other […]

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