7 Ideas to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Site

The more traffic you can generate, the more revenue opportunities you create, whether your monetization strategy relies on affiliate, ecommerce, advertising, or a combination. Building organic traffic through quality content is key. […]

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Building a Content Strategy around Targeted Keywords

Whether your monetization strategy relies on affiliate, ecommerce, advertising, or a combination, your earnings depend on your ability to drive high quality traffic to your site, and SEO is a key component. […]

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#asksovrn Episode 1: What's the optimal number of ad zones?

sovrn stake your claim

Announcing #asksovrn. #asksovrn is a way for our publishers to ask us questions about ad performance, growing traffic, digital marketing, and other top of mind questions to help our publishers succeed. Every other Tuesday, we’ll post answers to the questions on our social handles (Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo) as well as on this blog. In this episode, we […]

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Get Sovrn Started in 8 Quick Steps


Let’s Get Started! Welcome to the Sovrn network of independent and influential publishers! We’re here to help you thrive in the independent web. Now, let’s get set up so that you can start earning money. We have good news for you – this will be easy and fast. Typical set up time for 3 ad […]

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Ad Tech and Fraud: Lessons from Email Spam

Ad Tech and Fraud sovrn.com

Originally published on AdExchanger on June 17th, 2014 The challenge of combatting online ad fraud has received intense publicity in recent months. The digital advertising industry, in conjunction with the IAB, has several initiatives and committees dedicated to fighting ad fraud from within. Yet as numerous articles have made clear, industry participants are not winning the […]

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