Sovrn’s View on Bid Caching

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Some of you may have come across the term “bid caching”, which has rightfully generated concern across the press recently. For the record, Sovrn believes in running a clean, safe auction where all partners operate on a level playing field. Trust and transparency are of paramount importance to Sovrn and as such, we: Have never […]

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Is Your Site Ready for Header Bidding?

Is your site ready for header bidding?

Header bidding provides publishers with more control and transparency into the value of their inventory. Many publishers are excited about the boost in yield that header auctions provide, but this advanced tech is not suited for everyone. The implementation process can be complex and each publisher’s setup is a little different than the next. So, […]

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Stepping Up to the Plate on Trust and Transparency

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It’s time for the industry to get serious about independent anti-fraud certification. The business of marketing and its sibling advertising have been central to business growth and success for as long as we’ve been a consumer-driven economy; which is to say a really long time. The Takeaway Why have so few supply-side participants completed 3rd […]

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Just Say No to Pop-Under Redirects


We’ve all experienced them… you are scrolling through the home feed of a website when you find a post that interests you, so you click on the link to read more. Immediately another tab opens in your browser and you’ve been unwillingly directed to another site – one you never intended to visit. These troublesome […]

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What Is the Xindi Botnet?

Xindi Botnet

Xindi Botnet Update:  Sovrn Publishers Protected Pixalate recently released a comprehensive report detailing the Xindi botnet, a first-of-its-kind botnet designed to attack a key vulnerability in the online advertising ecosystem by exploiting ad exchanges. According to Pixalate, “this botnet is designed to generate fake “viewable” impressions at scale.” As a partner with Pixalate on fraud and transparency […]

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