Utilizing SnapChat Marketing to Promote Your Brand

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Have you jumped on the SnapChat bandwagon yet? At 400 million “snaps” a day according to Business Insider, SnapChat sees more daily photos than Facebook, and has helped to create opportunities for businesses to communicate with consumers in a new and innovative way.  With the photo-messaging application, users can take photos, and record videos to […]

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Blog Monetization Tips: Monetizing your links—what I’ve learned by working in publisher development

Blog Monetization Tips sovrn.com

As the owner of an independent blog, you’ve undoubtedly had some time to think about how the hell you plan on monetizing your domain. Should you utilize an ad network to help you implement display advertising? Or should you team up with specific brands and monetize through partner links, merchant links or even content links? […]

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Publisher Spotlight: The Wanderlust Kitchen

Publisher Spotlight The Wanderlust Kitchen sovrn.com

www.thewanderlustkitchen.com Anetta Lancaster is a busy woman. She works a full-time job in healthcare administration by day — and by night, she’s a blogger, recipe innovator, food stylist, and photographer with a penchant for Star Wars, Harry Potter, crème brûlée, and coffee. “Lots and lots of coffee,” she says. Anetta lives with her husband in […]

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