Sovrn Holdings Announces Viewability Assurance

Monday September 21st, 2015 – Boulder, CO – Sovrn Holdings, Inc., a partner and advocate to over 50,000 independent publishers and their websites, is today announcing its Viewability Assurance program. The Sovrn Viewability Assurance(™) program simplifies programmatic advertising by enabling buyers to purchase viewable impressions regardless of the viewability standard they require. […]

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Tackling Ad Blocking: From The Publisher’s Perspective

tackling ad blocking

Ad blocking is big news. If you’re still unaware of the size of the issue, check out our blog post 6 Astounding Facts About Ad Blocking. According to research, publishers will lose over $21.8B in revenue to ad blocking in 2015 and that’s expected to increase to $41.4B next year. That’s a large chunk of change […]

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Political Advertising: Coming Soon to a Screen Near You


Nerd Quiz: What do US Presidents Calvin Coolridge, Dwight Eisenhower, and Barack Obama all have in common?   Answer: They each broke ground on new forms of political advertising:  Coolridge used Radio in 1924, Eisenhower used TV in 1952, and Obama used Digital in 2010. Politics and advertising have a long relationship. Even back in […]

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Sovrn Steps Into ‘Header Bidding’, Releases Pre-Auction API

Sovrn announces the release of its Pre-Auction API, which enables publishers to use Header Bidding to improve their ad revenue optimization. By enabling publishers to receive and simultaneously evaluate real-time bids from multiple advertisers, Header Bidding eliminates the need for publishers to statically prioritize their advertisers in their ad server (a process called waterfalling) and sequential request and process bids. […]

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Sovrn releases Pre-Auction Bidding API

September 8th, 2015, BOULDER,Colo.—Sovrn Holdings, Inc., partner and advocate to over 50,000 independent publishers and their websites, is today releasing its Pre-Auction Bidding API to help online publishers better optimize their ad revenue. One of the first publishers to use this technology is Curse, a leading creator of premium content for gamers. […]

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#asksovrn Episode #3: What Mobile Ad Sizes do Best?

What mobile ad sizes do best?

Happy Friday! Here’s the third episode of #asksovrn. In this episode, we answer “What mobile ad sizes do best?” #QOTD – What mobile ad sizes are successful for you? Ashley and Maggie, two Sovrn Publisher Advocates, recommend using mobile ad size 300X250 since it performs the best on mobile since there is more advertiser demand for this unit. […]

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How Sovrn Helps Publishers Use Big Data

light bulbs

A deep-dive into Big Data from the publisher’s perspective. sovrn firmly believes publishers should have the same tools in their arsenal as marketers, no matter how many monthly pageviews your website sees. Our goal is to arm you with the data you need to make better informed decisions about your content strategy and website monetization […]

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AdsNative CEO: Never Sacrifice Your Ad Stack or User Experience

adsnative spotlight

We have put together a blog series leading up to our I² event in September that is tailored to capture thought-provoking ideas and commentary from visionaries, publishing leaders, independents, evangelists and the like. Everyday we have the pleasure of engaging with experts and innovators blazing their own path in the industry and we thought this […]

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