#asksovrn: How to Survive Ad Blocking

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For this #asksovrn, we wanted to answer, “How can I survive adblocking as an independent publisher?” There definitely has been a surge in ad blocking. It really hit mass media after iOS 9’s release, which included ad blocking extensions for Safari. Paid ad blockers have also surged in popularity – in October 2015, Purify Blocker […]

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Mind the Gap: Making the Most of Your Holiday Ad Spend

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Whether you’re navigating the London Tube or NYC Subway, you have to watch your step, especially during the hectic holiday shopping season. The same goes for managing your programmatic media spend. CPMs for open exchange display inventory spiked over the last holiday season, with peaks leading up to Cyber Monday and Christmas Day. We forecast […]

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Increasing Audience Engagement: Publisher Roundtable


Professional Publishers Share Their Secrets:  How To Increase Your Audience Engagement Earlier this year, we partnered with TapInfluence and Netpop to organize the third annual Publisher Roundtable Report. We surveyed a wide array of content creators from niche bloggers just getting started to mid-size professional publishers looking for strategic ways to take their audience engagement […]

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What Is the Xindi Botnet?

Xindi Botnet sovrn.com

Xindi Botnet Update:  Sovrn Publishers Protected Pixalate recently released a comprehensive report detailing the Xindi botnet, a first-of-its-kind botnet designed to attack a key vulnerability in the online advertising ecosystem by exploiting ad exchanges. According to Pixalate, “this botnet is designed to generate fake “viewable” impressions at scale.” As a partner with Pixalate on fraud and transparency […]

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Webinar Recording: How to Succeed with Header Bidding

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In this webinar Tony Casson, our Sr. Director of AdTech Products, interviews Gabriel DeWitt, VP of Monetization at Curse, to learn tips and tricks for a successful implementation and strategies to maximize revenue using Header Bidding. Gabriel is an industry expert in programmatic advertising, and is one of the leading authorities on Header Bidding. We […]

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5 Killer Ways to Boost Your CPMs over the Holidays

Want to Maximize CPMs? Here are five pro tips to earn more this holiday season.

The holiday season sees the highest CPMs of the year, which is why it’s crucial for publishers and bloggers to develop an advertising strategy before the holidays hit. Based on CPM trends to-date in 2015, we’re estimating a 19% increase in holiday CPM’s from last year, as well as a daily average CPM increase of […]

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Header Bidding – Coming to a Publisher Near You Soon


Ahead of our Nov 12 webinar, How to Succeed with Auction in the Header Bidding, I’ve put together this post to explain why header bidding is gaining a lot of interest among publishers. Hopefully it’ll whet your appetite until Tony Casson, one of our product managers, and our guest speaker Gabriele DeWitt, VP of Monetization at […]

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