Launch of Gold Standard Is a Positive Step, But More Still Needs Doing

  In an effort to raise standards in digital advertising, and address key issues facing the industry, the IAB UK is launching the ‘IAB Gold Standard’ initiative, comprising three primary actions that media owners can take. Initially, the Gold Standard has three fundamental aims: Reduce ad fraud by implementing the ads.txt initiative on all sites […]

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Webinar on Demand: Best Practices for Working With Publishers on Ad Fraud


  Pixalate hosted a panel of experts to share best practices for working with publishers on programmatic quality. These experts shared common ad fraud issues they’ve faced along with unique ways they’ve overcome these challenges. They also shared what they’ve done at an organizational level to reduce fraud, and answered the most frequently asked questions […]

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Roxot Conducts Top Header Bidding Partners Report

  In collaboration with publishers using Prebid Analytics by Roxot, Roxot conducted a header bidding partners research based on the real publishers’ client-side data. With the rapid development of header bidding, publishers are often overwhelmed with a variety of header bidding wrappers, demand partners, and ways to implement the tech on their sites – there are more than 60 bidder adapters […]

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Ad Fraud Webinar: Best Practices for Programmatic Quality

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Sovrn’s VP of Product Strategy, Chris Crawfurd will be on a panel alongside OpenX, Fyber, GroundTruth and Tony Casson from Pixalate, discussing best practices for working with publishers on programmatic quality. These experts will share common ad fraud issues they’ve faced along with unique ways they’ve overcome these challenges. They will also share what they’re doing […]

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What Publishers Can Do about Ad Blocking

ad blocking publisher strategies unblocking

As we embark on Q4 2017, there is an 800-pound gorilla in the room. It’s called ad blocking, and it’s making some publishers nervous. There are, however, strategies publishers can use to survive and thrive. Getting ready for this most profitable time of year, publishers everywhere are working day and night to optimize their traffic. […]

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Ads.txt – Why It’s Important to Both Sellers and Buyers

ads.txt faq

What’s the Problem? With billions of dollars at stake, the digital advertising industry has attracted bad players who are fraudulently siphoning revenue from our industry, costing both publisher and brands dearly.  It is estimated that it could cost the ad business over $16 billion globally in 2017 out of a total $85 billion in spend. […]

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Best Use of Tech Finalist at Digiday Publishing Awards Europe

digiday publishing awards

Last night, 4th October 2017, the Digiday Publishing Awards Europe, held at The Brewery in London, saw Sovrn, yet again reach the final for another award for our innovative Viewable Engagement Time product (Read this to see how //Signal works). Amongst others, Sovrn also recently won The Drum Award for “Best Overall Technology for Programmatic Trading”, […]

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DMEXCO 2017 Roundup for Marketers: “The Art of Narrative Disruption”

  Andy Evans, CMO, Sovrn, said the single most important discussion of dmexco 2017 was around the idea that the digital ecosystem is in the middle of a revolution, “The general consensus was that if we don’t fix problems such as transparency, ad fraud, ad blocking and fake news, scepticism around the efficiency of digital […]

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Four Key Takeaways from AdWeek New York

  NYC’s Advertising Week 2017 wrapped up on Friday after more than 100,000 leaders from the advertising, marketing, media and creative worlds spent five days debating, discussing and predicting the current and future state of the industry. From topical daytime panel discussions and evening networking events, to late-night parties where the more “direct” conversations took […]

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