Coalition for Better Ads: Making Online Ads Better for Everyone

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Sovrn is proud to be a member of the Coalition for Better Ads, alongside some of the most influential names in publishing, advertising, brands, and technology. For years, Sovrn has been leading the fight for better online advertising.  We co-chaired the groundbreaking IAB Online Ad Fraud Committee, we’ve consistently ranked at the very top of 3rd […]

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Troubleshooting Bad Ads

troubleshooting bad ads

There is a lot that can go wrong for a website. One of the most pressing issues we deal with here is “bad ads.” A catchall term for redirects, malware, and other related problems, the seemingly humble bad ad can bring websites to their knees. We know this for two reasons. First, because we’re internet […]

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Malvertising Sucks, Clean Ads Rule

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Publishing is hard enough without things like malware and auto-redirects. It’s complete BS that publishers even have to deal with these types of ads. Publishers and readers are exposed to these ads through nefarious buyers who try to game the system. Such buyers intentionally slip hard-to-detect malware and redirects into ads on the open exchange. […]

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Just Say No to Pop-Under Redirects


We’ve all experienced them… you are scrolling through the home feed of a website when you find a post that interests you, so you click on the link to read more. Immediately another tab opens in your browser and you’ve been unwillingly directed to another site – one you never intended to visit. These troublesome […]

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Bad Ads Range From Annoying to Dangerous

Bad Ads

Originally published on ClickZ on February 20, 2015. Growth in the digital publishing industry leaves the door open for ad fraud, which can vary from simply annoying to very dangerous for advertisers and users alike. The growth of real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic exchanges has benefited advertisers and publishers alike. Advertisers can target readers with […]

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Fighting Bad Ads: Locating Campaign ID

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If you encounter an unwanted creative on your website and want it removed, here are the steps you should follow: 1. Start up an “Inspector Tool” For Google Chrome, use “Developer Tools”, which can be activated by hitting f12, ctrl+shift+i, or clicking the settings menu in the upper right, clicking tools and selecting Developer Tools. […]

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Found an Unwanted Ad Creative? Here's What to Do

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Ad quality is one of publishers’ biggest concerns when onboarding a new ad partner.  Because all the major ad partners out there are plugged into a robust list of demand partners, there’s always bound to be some unwanted ads that slip through the cracks. Luckily for you, Sovrn has a strategy to block bad ads. Download the […]

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Brand Safety: Blocking Bad Ads with The Media Trust

Blocking Bad Ads

Brand safety — it’s a hot topic in the world of programmatic advertising, one you should be aware of. Publishers that use programmatic advertising as a means for website monetization are often subject to the infamous “bad ad”. (Bad ads can be anything from auto-audio/auto-video ads to ads containing questionable content.) It’s an industry-wide epidemic that affects […]

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