Leverage Audience Attention to Increase Ad Value

Smart publishers spend significant time and effort working to improve their audience engagement. They know that engaged readers are more likely to become repeat visitors — and over time, repeat visitors who trust your content are more likely to take an action that generates revenue, like clicking an ad or affiliate link.  Publishers who have […]

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Taking Back Control: Drive More Revenue Through Deep Audience Engagement

New Sovrn ebook helps publishers leverage deep, proprietary insights about their readers, broadcast the value of their audiences to advertisers, and drive more revenue. […]

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Attention: The Key to Maximizing Ad Inventory Value

Sovrn’s engaged time can measure not only when an ad has the chance to be seen, but also when a person is actively engaged with the content. The ability to analyze and act on user engagement is the foundation of our data product, Sovrn //Signal. […]

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Want to Advertise with Sovrn? Follow these Guidelines!

Sovrn //Advertising Exchange provides everything you need to connect with advertisers, set pricing for your valuable inventory, and maximize your ad revenue. […]

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Make Sure your Technology Partner Fits your Needs

7 signs it's time to change ad ops providers

Publishers should evaluate their advertising operations (“ad ops”) provider to optimize their advertising strategy, earn more revenue, and make sure that they can grow their business. Sovrn’s Managed Services offers unmatched technology and an expert, dedicated team to help publishers earn and keep more revenue. […]

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Industry Report: Media Moments 2021 Unpacks the Year’s Key Developments for Publishers

Media Moments 2021

Media Moments 2021 is a new report sponsored by Sovrn summarizing the most important developments of the past year. Developed by What’s New in Publishing and Media Voices, the report offers news, analysis, trends and case studies across all aspects of publishing. […]

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VigLink CEO: One-To-One Marketing Key Trend for Pubs to Embrace

cross device content publishers 2015 sovrn.com

We have put together a blog series leading up to our I² event in September that is tailored to capture thought-provoking ideas and commentary from visionaries, publishing leaders, independents, evangelists and the like. Everyday we have the pleasure of engaging with experts and innovators blazing their own path in the industry and we thought this […]

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