RPM vs CPM & Why It Matters For Publishers

RPM vs CPM sovrn.com

It’s a common misconception among publishers that you can’t use multiple ad networks at once. Not only is it not true, we actually encourage it! Integrating with multiple ad networks allows you to leverage their collective scale and demand partners, driving up the competition for inventory and increasing your overall CPM and earnings. One thing […]

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Blogger Tip: How to Organize Your Ad Stack

Ad Networks sovrn.com

Leveraging Scale After speaking with a lot of publishers about ad stack optimization strategies, we realized that a lot of you don’t know how best to organize your ad stack. We put together some quick tips for you to follow when organizing your ad stack. By working with multiple Ad Networks, you’re able to better […]

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Back to the Basics: Building a Content Strategy Around Targeted Keywords


SEO is a demanding game that publishers have to play in order for their site to gain any sort of relevant traction.  For those that don’t know, SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and it is crucial to attracting new visitors to your site. All search engines have an algorithm that determines the relevance of […]

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Publisher Roundtable Analysis: Blog Monetization Tactics by Size of Site

Publisher Roundtable Analysis Blog Monetization Tactics By Size of Site blog monetization sovrn.com

As a publisher you should always be thinking about how you are monetizing your site. Working closely with everyone from first time bloggers to large multi-site companies has given us the opportunity to see what works for all sizes of developers. Last fall we teamed up with our friends Netpop, Viglink, and Tapinfluence to bring […]

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4 SEO Tools Every Blogger Needs to Know

4 SEO Tools Every Blogger Needs To Know sovrn.com

Upon entering the world of online advertising, I was bombarded by three letter acronyms (TLA). Every metric and process seemed to have at least one for me to learn, but one of them stuck out – SEO. SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization,” basically determines how visible your site is on search engines. Every search engine […]

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4 Link Building Tactics To Increase Revenue

3 Link Building Tactics To Increase Revenue sovrn.com

In a recent blog post, marketer and author Seth Godin discussed the futility of using the Internet for mass marketing. Platforms like TV take generic products — Godin used Jell-O as an example — and attempt to sell them to everyone. Online, there is no everyone. Instead, there are thousands, even millions of niche markets. […]

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How Do I Know When My Site Is Ready for Display Sovrn Advertising?

How do I know when my site is ready for display Sovrn advertising sovrn.com

Originally published on BuildYourBlogConference on February 20, 2015. Publishers who are invested in their websites often wonder when (and if) they should start advertising, and if so, what kind of advertising. While there are many different options for website monetization, this piece will focus on one of the most manageable and widely used method: display […]

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How To: Create Ad Tags in Meridian

Create Ad Tags in Meridian sovrn.com

Welcome to Sovrn. We’re so happy to have you. Outlined below is your guide on how to create ad tags and set price floors in meridian. meridian is Sovrn’s publisher platform built to provide real-time analytics and allow publishers to make better-informed decisions about their website monetization. Through meridian, publishers gain unique audience insights, in-depth […]

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4 Key Performance Metrics for the Profitable Publisher

4 Key Performance Metrics for the Profitable Publisher sovrn.com

Originally Published on ClickZ. These four metrics go beyond CPM and Fill Rate to help publishers measure the success of their digital advertising efforts. As with any other business, there are two approaches publishers can take to grow their revenue: grow their current business and acquire new business. Or in this case, better engage current […]

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What Makes Online Content Go Viral?

What makes online content go viral sovrn.com

Creating content that resonates with your audience is one thing, creating content that compels your audience to share that piece with their friends is another beast entirely. Out of all the copious amount of research that has been done surrounding the virality of online content, there are a small handful of consistencies that are worth […]

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Cashing in on Holiday Digital Ad Spend Is All About a Multi-Tag Approach

Holiday Digital Ad Spend sovrn.com

This post was originally published on ClickZ. Cashing in Holiday Digital Ad Spend is All About A Multi-Tag Approach Right around the time when Christmas carols start to creep into unwilling ears each year, CPMs are beginning their steady march up, up and higher still throughout Q4. Ecommerce has entirely disrupted the path to purchase, […]

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What You Need to Know When Picking an Ad Partner

Picking an Ad Partner sovrn.com

If you’re a publisher looking to monetize your website through some form of online advertising, you know that deciding which ad partner to run with is no simple task. If you want to be successful in monetizing your site, you need to do some research on what options are actually out there. Why is it […]

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Strategy: Use the Sigmoid Curve

Sigmoid Curve sovrn.com

The online publishing community thrives when great ideas are shared, evolved and acted on. Chances are when one publisher does something well, that same principle can be adopted by others. We’re constantly on the lookout for new ideas that we can adapt and turn into actionable items. The beauty of the online publishing community is […]

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How to Maximize Your Income From Display Ads With Nathan Putnam

Maximize Your Income - Display Ads sovrn.com

This post was originally published on Become a Blogger. I invited Nathan Putnam from The Blogger Network for today’s episode to help us understand better what display advertising is and how it can help us earn more and maximize that income from the ads we put on our blogs. He also clarified and answered some common questions most bloggers ask: Are […]

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