SEO Tips: 3 Keyword Research Strategies You Can Actually Profit From

Trying to make more money from your blog ads by boosting traffic on your site? It’s crucial to an SEO strategy that works. Perhaps the most recommended and least specific SEO improvement tactic of all time is “do keyword research.” Okay, I’m on board with that. But how in tarnation do you actually do keyword […]

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Sovrn Announces Addition of Tim Connor to Board of Directors

Current CFO of Code42 and former CFO of Datalogix brings wealth of experience to Sovrn board. September 29, 2016, BOULDER, Colo.—SovrnⓇ, advocate and partner to independent publishers, who represent more than 80,000 websites, has today announced the addition of Tim Connor to its board of directors. Tim is currently the CFO of Code42, an endpoint […]

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Audience on Tap Always Available with Sovrn

Build always-on campaigns easily and effectively, anytime, and at scale; wide variety of audience types and consumer interests now available. September 28, 2016, BOULDER, Colo.—SovrnⓇ, advocate and partner to independent publishers – who represent more than 80,000 websites and collectively reach more than 600M consumers – has announced Audience on Tap. Launched with 11 Demand Side […]

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The #1 Google AdSense Mistake

google adsense mistake

Google Adsense is a wonderful tool for bloggers of all sizes who want to make money from their websites with display advertising. Adsense offers a user-friendly interface that makes online advertising accessible to everyone. But with millions of bloggers using Google Adsense, there is one mistake I see bloggers making time and time again when […]

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Header Bidding Tips: Setting up Header Bidding in DFP

The very first step to any header bidding setup in DFP is planning. Because many of the elements and settings you create in DFP can be duplicated in mass, saving you tons of time, it is crucial to make sure everything is up to spec from the very start. Header Bidding DFP Setup: Planning Which […]

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Video: What is Google AMP?

Google AMP is short for the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project and it’s an open source initiative led by Google designed to make publisher’s content load fast on mobile devices. Sovrn has been involved with the project since last fall and we’re excited to be part of an effort designed to support independent publishers and the open web. […]

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Header Bidding Explained: Terms to Know

books on coding

Today we are going break down all of the different elements of a header bidding implementation, from the header bidding wrapper to DFP line items, to help you better understand the mechanics of how header bidding works. A quick technical overview of header bidding Before we jump into the specific elements involved in a header […]

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Video: Header Bidding Explained in 14 Minutes

header bidding explained

If someone asked you to explain header bidding in a few sentences, could you do it? While the concept of how header bidding works is rather straightforward the mechanics of how it all goes down is pretty tricky. In short, header bidding implementations request bids from all advertising demand partners simultaneously instead of sequentially. By […]

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New Google Algorithm Slams Popups and Interstitials

google mobile algorithm

On Tuesday, August 23 Google made a pretty big announcement about helping users easily access content on mobile by updating their mobile search ranking algorithm. After mentioning a minor update about removing the label for mobile-friendly sites, the search giant shared their plan to remove some interstitial (popup) ads. “To improve the mobile search experience, after […]

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What's the Difference Between Asynchronous and Synchronous Ad Tags?

mango and avocado

If you’re a blogger or professional publisher monetizing your site through some form of display advertising, you’ve more than likely come across the terms “asynchronous” and “synchronous” ad tags in reference to display, mobile and video advertising. Understanding how webpages load To explain the difference between asynchronous vs synchronous ad tags, let me first talk […]

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