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How Viewable Ads Work

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Monetize Your Engaged Readers Gain access to more spend, without sacrificing your user experience, by showing advertisers your users are engaged with your content. How many ads on your page are actually engaged with by your readers? For many publishers, this is a question that is very difficult to answer. Why Does it Matter? Because, […]

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Adding //Signal as an Ad Serving Option

Adding //Signal as an Ad Serving Option

Does this sound like you? “It was frustrating that we got the same revenue per pageview for a reader who was on a page for 10 seconds and a reader that was on a page for 2 minutes, I knew we could do better.” – Jan Van Der Crabben, Ancient History Encyclopedia If you’re looking […]

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See the New //Signal Advertising Technology

onscroll advertising technology

Calling all publishers – I’d like to introduce to you Sovrn’s new //Signal technology. You’re not going to want to miss this, trust me. What is //Signal? //Signal is a new, 100% additive advertising technology that allows publishers to sell more inventory on existing placements without impacting user experience. How do we do it? It […]

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Header Bidding Tips: Setting up Header Bidding in DFP

The very first step to any header bidding setup in DFP is planning. Because many of the elements and settings you create in DFP can be duplicated in mass, saving you tons of time, it is crucial to make sure everything is up to spec from the very start. Header Bidding DFP Setup: Planning Which […]

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How to Insert Ads into Specific WordPress Posts

How to Add Specific Ad Tags in WordPress

Our publishers often want to insert ads into specific WordPress posts rather than have ads show up on every post. Good news – it’s easy to do that! There are two ways to insert ads into specific WordPress posts – you can either use a plugin or hard-code the ads manually. How to insert ads into […]

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Feedback at Admonsters AdTech Forum

On March 17th, we went to the Big Apple to hear from 100+ Ad Ops pro’s at Admonsters Adtech Forum. They shared the tactics, technology and challenges they face. For those that couldn’t make it, here are the 3 big takeaways of the event and what Sovrn is doing to alleviate or solve these issues. […]

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How To Make Money Blogging in 2016


Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned blogger just looking for new tips, you’ve all done some research on how to make money blogging. Bloggers are constantly evolving the way they make money, which means it’s that much harder to stay ahead of the curve. In a recently published guide on 2016 digital […]

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Intro to Display Advertising

intro to display advertising for bloggers

What is display advertising? Display advertising is the more popular of the two main forms of online advertising. It utilizes visual creatives to convey a message as opposed to search advertising which is purely text based. Display ads come in standardized sizes which makes it easy for publishers and advertisers to work cooperatively without the […]

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How Do I Know When My Site Is Ready for Display Sovrn Advertising?

timex watch

Originally published on BuildYourBlogConference on February 20, 2015. Publishers who are invested in their websites often wonder when (and if) they should start advertising, and if so, what kind of advertising. While there are many different options for website monetization, this piece will focus on one of the most manageable and widely used method: display […]

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How To: Create Ad Tags in Meridian

Create Ad Tags in Meridian

Welcome to Sovrn. We’re so happy to have you. Outlined below is your guide on how to create ad tags and set price floors in meridian. meridian is Sovrn’s publisher platform built to provide real-time analytics and allow publishers to make better-informed decisions about their website monetization. Through meridian, publishers gain unique audience insights, in-depth […]

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The Big Question: What Do Wearables Mean for Advertisers?

wearable technology

Flurry Analytics recently compared the adoption of new technologies from the twenty and twenty-first centuries and found that smart device adoption is occurring 10 times faster than the PC revolution of the 80’s, two times faster than the Internet Boom of the 90’s, and 3x faster than social network adoption. Various technology writers have cited […]

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Sovrn's Mobile Advertising Options

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Helping publishers make more money is at the core of Sovrn’s mission. With some new strategic partnerships and the advent of our new Sovrn mobile ad manager, we can provide our publishers with competitive CPMs and quality campaigns.  Marketers are begging to pay for quality mobile inventory, which means there are more opportunities for publishers […]

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