Why ad viewability matters

Better viewability = More money for you Ads that aren’t viewable are less valuable to demand partners. This makes sense: advertisers don’t want to pay for impressions that aren’t seen by a person, and they track supply-side viewability scores for that reason. Poor viewability scores can lead to reduced CPMs, while high viewability scores improve […]

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Why reader engagement matters (the most)

Publishers know how important reader engagement is. Engaging content—in written, video, or any other format—drives the growth of both audience and business. Without engaging content, readers disappear. Without readers, a publisher collapses. Brands, agencies, and buyers depend on engagement with their content for the same reasons. The revenue impacts of attentive readers and attention-generating content, […]

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Attention is scarce. That makes it valuable.

Across the world, nearly 4.5 billion people access the internet—that’s 58% of the global population. In all, there are nearly 200 million active websites, all competing for their share of the 6+ hours of daily attention most users give to the World Wide Web.  The internet changed everything about the way we create and consume […]

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Boost earnings with a diversified ad revenue strategy

In this installment of our “making more with what you have” series, we’ll go over a few ways you can boost ad revenue with a diversified ad revenue strategy. In the past, we’v covered both simple optimization tips and specific strategies for both //Signal and //Commerce. This time, we’ll go over a range of strategies […]

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How to Optimize //Signal for More Revenue

In the midst of seasonal increases in advertising budgets, it’s important that publishers put themselves in the best position possible to maximize revenue. When you take the time to optimize //Signal, you ensure that you’re set up to get the most value out of seasonal ad spend. Remember that //Signal revenue is additive! Everything you […]

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WTF is //Signal engagement?

wtf is //Signal engagement ad viewability sovrn

Engagement is at the heart of editorial, advertising, and marketing strategy. Engagement drives revenue, and smart publishers know that increasing engagement is the best way to boost your audience—and your earnings. We’ve talked to a lot of publishers over the last year, and it’s clear that although engagement and increasing engagement are often at the […]

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7 Ways to Optimize Ad Viewability

sovrn ad viewability example

Viewable ads are key to maximizing stable site revenue. Advertisers want viewable inventory, and in recent weeks we’ve talked about how //Signal can help you take advantage of that inventory to boost your revenue by up to 26%. This week, we’ll discuss how you can optimize ad viewability, and give yourself the best chance at […]

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How //Signal Makes the Internet Better

ad quality image

Advertising dollars don’t accurately reflect the value of engaging content. If you produce good content and a good user experience, you attract loyal, interested users. Loyal, interested users encourage the production of more great content. That’s the feedback loop that drives the exchange of information on the internet. The problem is that publishers only see […]

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Reload, don’t refresh

blog signal sovrn smart ads reload adtech

Recently, we covered some of the well-deserved reasons that old ad refresh tools have a bad reputation. Today, we’ll explore a few of the ways //Signal differs from these out-of-date products. //Signal is not an auto-refresh One of the questions we get the most is “Doesn’t Google Ad Manager already refresh ads?” Well, sort of. […]

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3 Reasons Why Viewability and User Engagement are the Perfect Love Story

sovrn candy

Viewability has quickly become one of the most important metrics in digital advertising. High viewability is key in driving up revenue, and ensures that your demand partners want to spend money on your inventory. Demand partners are no longer paying for non-viewable ads. If your ads aren’t viewable, you won’t gain revenue from them. Viewability […]

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Introducing Sovrn //Signal and Sovrn //Connect

Sovrn //Signal //Connect Viewability Products

New names. New possibilities. An even brighter future. It’s hard to be a storyteller. It’s harder than ever to capture and hold on to people’s attention, to get them to engage. That’s why we build products that reward you for the work you’ve done in building your dedicated audience, and make it easier for you […]

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