Everything you know about ad reloads is wrong

Historically, publishers have shied away from ad reload products for a few reasons: supposedly, they increase latency, hurt viewability, and anger demand partners. And historically, that has been true—but only because these products are based on old technology. Yes, old reload systems sucked. Good thing ours doesn’t. Those concerns are outdated. Let’s break down how […]

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3 Reasons Why Viewability and User Engagement are the Perfect Love Story

Viewability has quickly become one of the most important metrics in digital advertising. High viewability is key in driving up revenue, and ensures that your demand partners want to spend money on your inventory. Demand partners are no longer paying for non-viewable ads. If your ads aren’t viewable, you won’t gain revenue from them. Viewability […]

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Introducing Sovrn //Signal and Sovrn //Connect

Sovrn //Signal //Connect Viewability Products

New names. New possibilities. An even brighter future. It’s hard to be a storyteller. It’s harder than ever to capture and hold on to people’s attention, to get them to engage. That’s why we build products that reward you for the work you’ve done in building your dedicated audience, and make it easier for you […]

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