Sovrn strives to provide buyers and sellers with a safe, transparent, and fair marketplace. The following outlines the basic standards Sovrn employs to vet publishers wishing to participate on Sovrn’s ad exchange. This does not constitute a full list and is meant only as a guide for publishers wanting to work with Sovrn.

Sovrn reserves the right to update this list at any time without notice and to refuse or revoke participation of any publisher based on its own judgement.

Content guidelines

  • Content must be original or licensed (if content is sourced, proof of license must be provided)
  • No pornography or thinly veiled nudity
  • Content must be safe for work
  • Site does not contain any file-sharing or copyrighted material
  • New content must be posted frequently
  • Posts must have a date and time stamp
  • Site has a reasonable history of content
  • Site has user interaction
  • Slideshows must contain more content than ads
  • Domain must be COPPA compliant
  • No malware distribution
  • No automatic downloads
  • Sites must pass all checks

Ads on page guidelines

  • Page may not have more ads than content
  • No pop-ups or redirects
  • No inappropriate ads
  • Maximum of 5 ads per page
  • Ads need to be clearly separated from other content on the page. A reader should be able to determine when they are clicking on an ad

Other guidelines

  • Publisher must own or have direct relationships with domains for which they are requesting approval
  • Non-human traffic and domain masking/spoofing are in violation of our inventory policy guidelines. Sites must pass all checks for NHT, fraud and malware