The Rise of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising

With the media industry so hungry for revenue, gimmicky practices often launch industry buzzwords that achieve a rare moment of glory before quickly fizzling out. However, with the consistently championed programmatic advertising, there seems to be real substance behind the hype. With study after study showing rapid gains in programmatic spending and with projections over […]

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Magnetic: Attribution Revolution

Attribution Revolution

Back in October, Federated Media participated in Attribution Revolution: The Viewability Series, a panel covering real-time bidding (RTB), viewability, suspicious traffic, and fraud. Federated Media’s COO Walter Knapp participated in the NYC panel along with executives from ComScore and Integral Ad Science. The purpose of this panel was to educate agencies and brands on the […]

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Q1 Advertising: Brands Reset Their Spend in January

Advertising Spend

If you are a publisher that monetizes your site via display advertising, it is likely that you will see a large increase in performance as Q4 comes to a close. Advertisers that spent conservatively throughout the year often start to spend at record rates around the holidays to funnel whatever is left of their annual budget […]

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Maximizing Website Revenue: How to Get Higher CPMs

How to get higher CPMs

As a publisher, maximizing revenue yield is paramount. Every day I hear from publishers, “How do I get higher CPMs?” High CPMs (revenue per 1000 impressions) are a concern for all online publishers large and small. As a publisher you want maximum dollars flowing to you for each impression you allow on your content. Advertisers want […]

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How the Google AdSense Policy Changes Will Affect Online Publishers

Lijit Networks is always staying up to date with industry trends, and we like to make sure that our publishers remain informed as well. Recently, Google altered their AdSense Program Policy stating that as of August 15th AdSense publishers are no longer allowed to install tags using iFrames. As a Lijit publisher, there is no […]

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Why Publishers Should Embrace Programmatic Buying

Why Premium Publishers Should Embrace Programmatic Buying

Programmatic buying is a hot topic in AdTech, and one premium publishers are slowly embracing. Those who “own” inventory are concerned that through exchanges, advertisers and trading desks have access to the same premium placements at lower CPMs, thereby diluting direct sales opportunities. As a premium publisher, you probably invest in a sales team to […]

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