Sovrn’s View on Bid Caching

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Some of you may have come across the term “bid caching”, which has rightfully generated concern across the press recently. For the record, Sovrn believes in running a clean, safe auction where all partners operate on a level playing field. Trust and transparency are of paramount importance to Sovrn and as such, we: Have never […]

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Coalition for Better Ads: Making Online Ads Better for Everyone

coalition for better ads logo

Sovrn is proud to be a member of the Coalition for Better Ads, alongside some of the most influential names in publishing, advertising, brands, and technology. For years, Sovrn has been leading the fight for better online advertising.  We co-chaired the groundbreaking IAB Online Ad Fraud Committee, we’ve consistently ranked at the very top of 3rd […]

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Sovrn Wins ‘Best Overall Technology for Programmatic Trading’

drum marketing awards

We are proud to have won ‘Best Overall Technology for Programmatic Trading’ at The Drum Digital Trading Awards 2017 in London. Beating off stiff competition from Integral Ad Science (IAS), TubeMogul, Sociomantic, Google DoubleClick and many more. Sovrn’s Viewable Engagement Time (//Signal) led the pack with our unique technology, which enables publishers to sell ad inventory […]

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AdTech Projections for 2017: An Interview With Gavin Dunaway, Editorial Director at Admonsters

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In this interview, we talk with Gavin Dunaway, Editorial Director at AdMonsters. Gavin has an infectious passion and deep knowledge of ad tech. We met Gavin last year at the AdMonsters Tech Forums facilitating discussion amongst 100+ ad tech professional on all things ad tech, from header bidding to direct deals and programmatic video. On […]

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How Our Publishers Are Using Sovrn and Google AdSense Together

How Sovrn Publishers Are Using Sovrn and Google AdSense Together

Many of our developing publishers use Sovrn along with Google AdSense to jump-start their advertising income. Here’s a sneak peek into how two of our publishers, PTZtv and Fae’s Twist & Tango, are using Sovrn and AdSense together to maximize ad revenue. PTZtv PTZtv relied solely on AdSense for their programmatic advertising income. Over time […]

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What Is the Difference Between Direct and Programmatic Sales?

direct vs programmatic sales

Direct sales and programmatic sales are often discussed as competing functions within the publisher business model. However, the two channels are distinct enough that they should not compete with each other. In fact, the most successful publishers we work with have a strong aptitude for managing direct and programmatic sales alongside one another. In order […]

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What is Header Bidding?

The question on everyone’s lips this year is “what is header bidding?” Header bidding is a huge advance for programmatic advertising. In this brief, we’ll go through how it works, what it means for publishers, and what to look out for, so you can decide if header bidding is for you. What is header bidding? […]

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Mind the Gap: Making the Most of Your Holiday Ad Spend

2015 q4 online advertising spend forecast trends

Whether you’re navigating the London Tube or NYC Subway, you have to watch your step, especially during the hectic holiday shopping season. The same goes for managing your programmatic media spend. CPMs for open exchange display inventory spiked over the last holiday season, with peaks leading up to Cyber Monday and Christmas Day. We forecast […]

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Intro to Display Advertising

intro to display advertising for bloggers

What is display advertising? Display advertising is the more popular of the two main forms of online advertising. It utilizes visual creatives to convey a message as opposed to search advertising which is purely text based. Display ads come in standardized sizes which makes it easy for publishers and advertisers to work cooperatively without the […]

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Video: John Battelle’s Programmatic Platform for Mid-Tail Publishers is Reaching Scale

Programmatic Platform

This post was originally posted on Beet.TV. View the original article here. When John Battelle sold Federated Media earlier this year, he kept control of the company’s programmatic publishing SSP which he named Sovrn.   Sovrn provides programmatic sales operations for many long and mid-tail publishers who want to sell programmatically. The platform is integrated […]

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Leveling the Programmatic Playing Field: Data Transparency

Data Transparency

As the programmatic market stands, publishers have little to no insight into how their inventory is analyzed by advertisers. As a consequence, they are likely receiving lower prices for their inventory.  Without access to that data, publishers have limited ability to make their inventory more attractive to their buyers. Why is this a problem? This […]

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The Programmatic Problem: What's an Audience Without a Show?

The Programmatic Problem

Originally published on Digiday on May 27, 2014. John Battelle is executive chairman of Sovrn Holdings, a programmatic advertising and publishing platform. He’s the founder of Federated Media. Before the rise of programmatic buying and “audience retargeting,” most quality brand media was purchased based on a very particular contextual signal –- even if the market didn’t […]

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Programmatic Primer for Data-Savvy Publishers (ClickZ, Maja Millicevic)

man graphing on a wall

Originally published by ClickZ on April 18, 2014. Embracing programmatic sales tools can allow publishers to jump ahead of the competition. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you build out your programmatic strategy. Programmatic has been one of the hot topics of discussion for the last couple of years and will […]

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Why Fewer Ads Will Benefit Our Entire Industry

Ad Tech Industry

Originally published by MediaPost on April 10, 2014. The most potent opportunity of digital marketing is the ability to access and leverage data about nearly everything.  Data-driven or “programmatic” marketing isn’t just about RTB, exchanges, DSPs, or trading desks – those are means, not results.  It’s about the ability for marketers to understand and make […]

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