How Viewable Ads Work

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Monetize Your Engaged Readers Gain access to more spend, without sacrificing your user experience, by showing advertisers your users are engaged with your content. How many ads on your page are actually engaged with by your readers? For many publishers, this is a question that is very difficult to answer. Why Does it Matter? Because, […]

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See the New //Signal Advertising Technology

onscroll advertising technology

Calling all publishers – I’d like to introduce to you Sovrn’s new //Signal technology. You’re not going to want to miss this, trust me. What is //Signal? //Signal is a new, 100% additive advertising technology that allows publishers to sell more inventory on existing placements without impacting user experience. How do we do it? It […]

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Webinar Best Practices: 11 Tips for Hosting a Next-level Webinar

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Webinars are a fantastic way to generate new leads, connect with your customers, and grow your business. However, webinars are not for the faint of heart. They take a lot of preparation, and because they’re live, can be stressful if technical problems occur. Here are eleven best practices for hosting a webinar that is informative, engaging, and […]

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#asksovrn Episode 1: What's the optimal number of ad zones?

sovrn stake your claim

Announcing #asksovrn. #asksovrn is a way for our publishers to ask us questions about ad performance, growing traffic, digital marketing, and other top of mind questions to help our publishers succeed. Every other Tuesday, we’ll post answers to the questions on our social handles (Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo) as well as on this blog. In this episode, we […]

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You Asked. We Answered. What Attributes Make Sovrn Publishers Successful?

sovrn publisher questions

In our communications with publishers we receive a lot of questions regarding Sovrn and the ad tech industry. Here are a few of the more commonly asked questions we see and associated answers: What attributes or characteristics make Sovrn publishers successful in your exchange/network? This is one we hear a lot from Sovrn publishers. Conveniently […]

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I may not be Frank Underwood, Jed Bartlett, Rob Stark or Rust Cohle, but I do know some pretty cool publishers.

kevin spacey

I’ve been binge watching a lot lately. House of Cards. The West Wing. Game of Thrones. True Detective. All the dramatic masterpieces of my generation. Consequently, I’ve been feeling a little underdeveloped. I spend my days working in an office (granted, a really cool office with and open floor setting and a Big Ass ceiling […]

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Is Your Site Optimized for Mobile?

Mobile devices have become an important part of our everyday lives. Have you thought about how your website functions on mobile phones and tablets? While mobile users can access your site, if it is not optimized for mobile usage, your readers may not have an enjoyable experience which may keep them from returning to your […]

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Publisher Spotlight: 24 Hour Campfire

24 Hour Campfire Case Study

Rick Bin is a successful Sovrn publisher. As the founder and editor of the popular site, Rick has been able to provide readers with the values and traditions of the American outdoors. How did your site get its start? I founded in 2000 after taking a job at an Internet startup and realizing that […]

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Publisher Spotlight: DearBlankPleaseBlank

writer with kids was started by Jared Wunsch and Hans Johnson as a hobby while the two were still in undergraduate school. What it has grown into is a collection of websites that also includes,, and Collectively they see almost 45 million pageviews per month! Lijit sat down with Jared Wunsch to find out […]

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Publisher Spotlight: Content That Works, AskDaveTaylor.Com

Just a few short years ago we watched as the publishing industry moved from print to online. It was a rough couple years for everyone involved. Publishing shops went out of business and few writers made the successful transition online. Meet Dave Taylor, the brains behind, one of the most well-respected general technology sites […]

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Publisher Spotlight: Blogging Tips with Cake Wrecks

Publisher Spotlight

Oftentimes, I’m sitting in the office and someone from our Publisher Services team bursts out laughing on a whim. Come to find out, it’s because they’re looking at one of the funniest sites in our network…and trust me, there are a lot of them! It’s Cake Wrecks – an entire site devoted to “when professional […]

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Publisher Spotlight: The Importance of Sales and Marketing, and

publisher spotlight

Ryan Sawyer manages two main websites, and, in addition to a number of other sites like his personal site, Wrapcandy sells software for creating personalized candy wrappers and party favors. There’s some really cool stuff you can do using wrapcandy so check them out if you’re looking to get a little creative! […]

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