Secrets of Second-Party Data and How to Activate it at Scale

Free webinar exploring how publishers can reap greater inventory value and better communicate the quality of their unauthenticated traffic to the buyer via data enrichment. […]

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Data Reporting and the Challenges of Growth

data center

Managing Global Round-the-Clock Platform Operations and Rapid Growth Over the past several weeks, the real-time reporting publishers have come to expect from Sovrn has experienced delays. We believe strongly in transparency and continual learning & improving, so we thought we should provide a longer explanation of the reasons behind the delays and what we are […]

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The Past, Present, and Future of Header Bidding

header bidding grows up

In 2016, header bidding grew up. Previously known as “tagless ad tech,” “advance bidding,” “header auction,” among many others, header bidding became a nearly ubiquitous term. What began as a word of mouth technical adaptation between savvy publishers blossomed into a significant slice of the programmatic ad business. The presence of header bidding forced Google […]

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4 Easy Ways to Reduce Discrepancies

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Discrepancies are a fact of life in digital advertising, and for most publishers hover around 10%. But if your discrepancies are 20% or more, you’ll want to figure out why. Here are four quick tips for keeping your discrepancies are as low as possible. 1. Make sure your site has been whitelisted. The biggest reason we see our publishers […]

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Under the Hood: Study Break Media's Header Bidding Implementation

header bidding

Study Break Media (recently acquired by Chegg) reaches 85% of students in the United States through their sites EasyBib, CitationMachine, BibMe and CiteThisForMe. With over 99 million unique users and 1.34 billion users per year, they have invested heavily in programmatic advertising to monetize their inventory, 95% of which is considered remnant. Inside their header auctions […]

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