Strategy: Use the Sigmoid Curve

Sigmoid Curve

The online publishing community thrives when great ideas are shared, evolved and acted on. Chances are when one publisher does something well, that same principle can be adopted by others. We’re constantly on the lookout for new ideas that we can adapt and turn into actionable items. The beauty of the online publishing community is […]

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How to Maximize Your Income From Display Ads With Nathan Putnam

Maximize Your Income - Display Ads

This post was originally published on Become a Blogger. I invited Nathan Putnam from The Blogger Network for today’s episode to help us understand better what display advertising is and how it can help us earn more and maximize that income from the ads we put on our blogs. He also clarified and answered some common questions most bloggers ask: Are […]

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The 8 Most Important Publisher Metrics: A Beginner's Guide

desk with monitor and keyboard

Like you, I’m in the business of creating content. We both need content to attract new consumers, nurture current readers and grow our customer base. When I jumped into this role I went on a rampage of creating all kinds of one-off pieces for our Publisher Services team. After we had a month of content […]

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How to Start a Blog: The Beginner’s Guide to Successful Publishing

How to Start a Blog

This guide was published by the FirstSiteGuide Team but we thought it would be highly beneficial to our publishers, so we thought it would be worth sharing here. Download it, check it out, learn a ton, share it and start growing today. This guide is an introduction to mastering the art of blogging/online publishing. It […]

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Quantcast Ranks Sovrn as 4th Largest Global Ad Network

hiker at dusk

Here at Sovrn we have been in the midst of a major trend of “up and to the right.” CPMs, fill, advertisers, page views, new employees – you name it, we’re in the green. Usually we shy away from sharing corporate news here on the PubHub; mostly because we want to stick to serving up […]

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Sovrn Ranks as Fourth Largest Global Publisher Network

BOULDER, Colo.– November 11, 2014–Sovrn Holdings, Inc., advocate of and partner to almost 20,000 publishers across the independent web, is announcing that the company is now ranked, by Quantcast, as the world’s fourth largest publisher network. Every month, Sovrn reaches a global audience of over 423 million people with more than 700 million unique visitors. According to October data, Sovrn is now the third largest publisher network in the United States reaching over 201 million people every month in the US. […]

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Video: John Battelle’s Programmatic Platform for Mid-Tail Publishers is Reaching Scale

Programmatic Platform

This post was originally posted on Beet.TV. View the original article here. When John Battelle sold Federated Media earlier this year, he kept control of the company’s programmatic publishing SSP which he named Sovrn.   Sovrn provides programmatic sales operations for many long and mid-tail publishers who want to sell programmatically. The platform is integrated […]

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Get a Major Pageview Boost With AtContent

Pageview Boost

Growing page views and readership is much easier said than done, and unfortunately the recommended tactics to do so are often vague, time consuming, expensive or black hat. We are always looking for effective, inexpensive tools that enable publishers to boost their influence through transparent growth strategies. One such tool is AtContent, a blogging and […]

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Engagement First, Traffic Later

hand on mixing board

“Hi and welcome! I’m Lindsay, and I do the cooking, writing and photography around these parts. This is my husband Bjork – he’s in charge of the tech support and income stuff for Pinch of Yum. Plus he’s cute and I like him. Together we’re the Pinch of Yum and Food Blogger Pro Team!” When […]

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